Field to Fork celebrates and explores the story of our food, today and in the future.

Since it was founded in 1902, Harper Adams University has been designed to meet the challenge of how the world is fed. Although we are based on our own 550 hectare farm in Newport, Shropshire, Harper students and researchers study not just agriculture, but the interwoven set of industries that help bring food to our plates.

  • How we look after the landscape, our crops and our animals.
  • How we go about the business of food production today and the technologies that will transform it tomorrow.
  • How we inspire and educate the next generation to make better decisions around what we feed ourselves and manage the world’s resources in a sustainable way.


Come along to Field to Fork and find out what we are up to. And perhaps sample some wonderful food and a drink or two. The festival will illustrate the journey and all of the aspects and industries involved in making our food great.